“Entrancing” – Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 Music, on Invisible Lines

“What better note to end the show on, than their three-and-a-half-minute epic, Invisible Lines?” – Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music


  • Manchester Evening News City Life described Neil’s ‘Extended Bathroom Break‘ video set recorded in place of the postponed YANA Fest show as an ‘excellent performance’ (03.04.2020)
  • Radio interview – the Dave Sweetmore show on Revolution 96.2 FM Audio Link 38m50s into the show (23.09.2018)
  • Interview with Neil and Dale for Off The Record (19.09.2018)
  • Interview with Neil by The Fountain (27.05.2018)
  • ‘Tales of Coincidence’ Track-by-track with Neil, for Even The Stars (02.04.2018)
  • Manchester Evening News City Life feature, full article below (07.07.2017). “Carousel Clouds take the best bits of psych, prog and shoegaze and create concise pop songs of intense, vertiginous beauty.” 

Music Reviews

  • Grace (Look No Further) / Blood Red Sky single review by Off The Record  “A truly great addition to the band’s discography and a worthy addition to any music lover’s collection…” (23.01.2019)
  • Tales of Coincidence album review by Projecto Cellophane (01.05.2018)
  • Always Talking ‘Track Of The Day’ review by Little Indie Blog   “A big, layered number that stretches instrumentation across a four and a half minute soundscape…” (09.10.2017)
  • Invisible Lines ‘Track Of The Day’ review by Even The Stars“A beautifully haunting tense song that builds slowly, simmering and then shimmering into glorious life with layered vocals and intricate instrumentation…” (05.07.2017)
  • Invisible Lines review by (Sic) Magazine“An art in itself… a satisfying mouthful that’ll only leave you wanting more…” (26.06.2017)

Live Reviews

  • Live review by Even The Stars. “The beauty in Carousel Clouds’ music is the way they almost effortlessly sweep you off your feet… This is music made for music’s sake, not for ego, certainly not for money, but for the love of creating art to share with others…”


Manchester Evening News CityLife (07.07.2017) full article:

“WHO ARE THEY? A Manchester band injecting some gothic angst into your summertime listening. Boasting a few familiar faces in their line-up (Neil Meehan, formerly of Optional Wallace, Tamsin Middleton, of Mr Heart), this enigmatic quintet have been quietly seducing Manc audiences with their songs of, they tell us, ‘life, conflict existentialism, death, anxiety, and spritualism’. Still, if debut single Invisible Lines, released today, is anything to go by, the dark side has rarely sounded so appealing.

“Propelled by Meehan’s angsty vocals, sinewy guitar lines and Bunnymen-esque levels of gothic bombast, Carousel Clouds take the best bits of psych, prog and shoegaze and create concise pop songs of intense, vertiginous beauty. Having had a sneaky listen to their full-length debut LP (due out later this year), CityLife is pleased to report they’ve got plenty more brooding pop gems up their sleeves.

:FOR FANS OF: Spiritualized, Daughter, Lanterns on the Lake, Echo & The Bunnymen.

“MAKE A DATE: Carousel Clouds play The Eagle Inn, Salford, tonight (Friday, July 7). More info at –”

Made in Manchester – Carousel Clouds – published in the Manchester Evening News, CityLife, 7th July 2017