Starts and Ends
As we grow, we don’t know how to comprehend the thought that time can realign our starts and ends. With no second chances. Should guilt appear when no-one’s here to know differently? I assume you are, no chance of harm. I should be pleased. No second chances, and fewer answers. Bonfire burns to light the night, so bright that my soul is warming. Taking turns to try and describe rich lives, until the morning. Such ridicule is how we’re schooled, invisible friend. The wisdom of time allows you to guide and I can depend. No second chances and fewer answers. Bonfire burns to light the night, so bright that my soul is warming. Taking turns to try and describe rich lives until the mourning.

In the shadows, the colours merge, the shapes are blurred. No-one knows if the sounds I heard form into words. Suspicion grows as the sceptics turn this into a search. Did you see what i see? Do you hear the same as me. Or do we really believe? My control remains sincere, my thinking’s clear. I hope that twitch was merely a glitch not fear of unknown, as the sounds creep nearer to my ears. We’re all self-imposed but the frames wont freeze. My mind’s not told. Why do we keep things to ourselves? Are we starting to believe?

Invisible Lines
And so again the names may change, but that we’re brothers remains. Surely this means more than some long-distance cause that never helped us before? From my view, still, nothing moves. But this chilling wind. So hard to be sure about ours and yours, consequence: indoors. Across invisible lines I see for miles and miles. Look for tell-tale signs that hide behind those vacant eyes. Where we came from so deep ingrained, relatives share tales and folklore, every chance to talk, legends all assured. Everywhere is in its true place, hardly recognised. How can this place cause such disregard towards another pointless fall?

Only Off the Screen
Far too old for me, far too dull for me. I need younger, cooler, shorter, only off the screen. Tales I can’t relate; the evidence escaped. The years have not been kind, my mind just finds the times too strange. Have you seen what we’ve done? Well this I base my judgements on. The pages left unread with so much to be said; The words that filtered through to you into all of our heads. Now it’s all we see, they’re doing as they please. They didn’t ever arrange to be made the angels we now need. Have you seen what we’ve done? Well this i base my judgements on. The sea of possibility has drowned with centuries, I know what i’ll believe. Look around, the pillars of this town have been knocked down, now who’s gonna lead? They elevate, based on fame, until we all complain ‘you’ve let the children down’. How much time until we find that all our wrongs are right, and no-one doubts?

The Greatest Noise
That I speak no words does not infer that you deserve less than this measly verse. There’s just no-one around for me to think aloud, your impact’s found despite this lack of sound. The stranger congregation, too shy with information, two separate generations, I feel an isolation. No sound but I found you all around; the greatest noise doesn’t have to be loud. My patience earns me this return. The medium preferred is to be confirmed. There’s a line in the sand by which we will stand. The grains of time slip through my helpless hands.

The Torment
The torment grows, slowly exposed. But the money flows as desperation unfolds. A lie is sold, more to withhold. The file closed, the bathos soon to explode. The disconnect will help protect. ‘Time to forget, it’s down to them to accept’. Noble intent is to prevent. They all resent now this has already been spent. We all need something to believe in. Liar messiah who’s deceiving. We all need something to believe in. The crowds around you have been freeing and leading. Watch as resolve it starts to weaken. Now place the safety net beneath them. We all need something to believe in. The crowds surrounding you from needing to meaningless. Something to believe in.

Blood Red Sky
As endless tears are cried, no threshold for my surprise. A leader redefined, with no doubts this time. So look through those eyes at your blood red sky. Aimless walking silent talking fear absorbing justice calling.

Always Talking
Those poorly ears could not hear, now instinct tells me they’re fine. ‘Tho the years wash clear tears, they can’t halt the pine. Don’t want to try or, worse, have to remember. Can’t you fly us back to November? Where we’ll sit back, watch the smiles and laughs, I always knew to follow you instead of shadows being cast. The fear can wait, no need to explain if you’ll say, we can arrange like when we used to play. If you’d only talk and you’re always talking. Quickly alter what’s believed, yes it suits me this time. Those niggling worries soon relieved to know that you’re fine. I can’t come to terms with forever, can’t we return there together?

Grace (Look No Further)
I look no further. These tiny words are segmenting my days. A series of countdowns, ‘it must be about now’ my saving grace. Please pick me up to fall down again. I’ve been waiting for someone, I’ve been waiting for so long, to fall back down. Another crossed off my list. I try to muster a sit. It’s time for one final hit. I just can’t remember it.

Fortune Quarter
The fortune quarter calls this slaughter, all the unborn sons and daughters. Told there’s no hope, zones of no-go, conscience plateaued through those they don’t know.
“I feel protected, all around suspected. How am I affected? Keep me disconnected.”
All self-serving is fast returning. Never learning, still concerning me. Complete decade with what we’ve made. Old roads relaid, narrow every day.
“I feel protected, all around suspected. How am i affected? Keep me disconnected.”
“Trample over bodies as we scramble to the top. Don’t look down because we don’t want this to stop.”
I need protecting from what I expected. How can I affect this? Get these wrongs corrected.